MUDA is a political party that is pending registration in Malaysia, bringing forth a new identity and way of doing politics in Malaysia. MUDA will redefine politics as we know it, breaking boundaries and bringing substantial changes in Malaysia.

Who is MUDA for?

MUDA is an inclusive political party for every citizen in Malaysia. MUDA looks beyond age, race, religion and the colour of your skin to bring forward a party of Malaysians.

MUDA will uphold the Constitution and the Principles of our Rukun Negara.

MUDA is for every one of you searching for a platform where you have the opportunity to lend your voice, ideas and thoughts to build this nation.

MUDA is for everyone who has been waiting for a digital native party that will use data analytics and a digital platform to make decisions, engage with people and campaign for the betterment of Malaysia.

MUDA is for you currently reading this.

MUDA will build this nation.

September 2020

How can I join MUDA?

MUDA will operate as an independent body and organise programs and campaigns throughout Malaysia starting from 17 September 2020.

Registering as official members of MUDA will be opened as soon as MUDA’s application is approved by ROS.

In the meantime, you can join MUDA as a supporter!

#SapotMUDA and Buy MUDA Merchandise

RM50 only.

We’re fundraising to help the party get started. Traditional political parties rely on big corporate funders, generous donors or a random prince. But we’re here, trying to do things differently.

MUDA promises to be transparent with our funding and every cent raised will go directly into party funding. The public will get to see our audited accounts every year.